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Primary School: Fastrain Programs

Our Primary School Fastrain Programs are carefully designed for students studying in Pre-School / Pre-Kindy / Kindergarten through to Year 6 to develop your child’s literacy, numeracy and general ability skills.
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Secondary School

Secondary School: Fastcoach Programs

Our Secondary School Fastcoach Programs are tailored to challenge high school students in academic enrichment, extension and acceleration.
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Holiday Program

Holiday Programs

Innovative school holiday programs for Pre-School, Pre-Kindy, Primary (Kindergarten to Year 6), Secondary (Year 7 to 10) to senior high school students during the school holidays.
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We offer a FREE assessment of each child’s ability so that he or she is enrolled at the optimum level.

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    Success Stories

    We have regularly received good news from our students being awarded places in accelerated learning programs,
    scholarships at private schools, Selective High Schools and top universities.
    Here are just some testimonials from our past and present students.


    Ms. Lam

    Mother of Year 3 student

    “North Shore Coaching has been providing the BEST way for my son to engage in learning. Of course each child learns differently, we are just lucky to find it works well so far! My son has become much more confident/happier at his weekday primary school since he started North Shore 18 months ago. Well done to the staff members at North Shore!”


    James Brew

    Achieved 99.8/100 in the school English component of selective

    “I am extraordinarily privileged to have had access to the amazing teaching and the rewarding programs here at North Shore. I can truly say that this program is excelling in every aspect and provides a quality of teaching I’ve never seen before. I never thought I could write a new text every week and complete a seemingly huge Maths booklet in my busy schedule, but the hours of hard work have paid off with me coming out of the program with selective school success and multiple scholarships.

    I also scored a 99.8/100 in the school English component of selective which is all thanks to the incredible teaching of the teachers at North Shore Coaching College. I extend my thanks to all of the teachers that have helped me learn new and exciting Maths principles and equations, who have taught me how to make my poetry flow and who have taught me that patterns and number sequences aren’t all that hard.”


    Eric Rong

    Achieved the Highest Score of 296.06 in the Selective Schools Placement Test

    “I am very proud to have achieved a score of 296.06 in the Selective schools examination, as well as the 100% scholarship to Sydney Grammar I was offered earlier this year. And as I enjoy the relief, pride and humility of my results, I realise the amazing role North Shore has played in my accomplishments throughout the years.

    I would like to thank North Shore Coaching College for kindling the fire of my passion and determination for achievement, directly resulting in my success, and also the teachers who tutored me during my time as a student here. You have been extremely kind and understanding to create a friendly atmosphere during the process of sharing pieces of your vault of knowledge, and have certainly contributed immensely to my life. I am sure everyone else attending the numerous branches across the nation feels the same way.”


    Sarah Kumpulainen

    Academic Scholarship Winner

    “Thank you for all your support in assisting me with a variety of topics. Your teaching strategies and tips were proved very useful in numerous tests. As for the teachers and staff, you have always been affable and polite, which has encouraged me even more to gain knowledge. Fortunately, due to your assistance, I have received an academic scholarship. Thank you, once again, for giving me the confidence to enjoy learning.”


    Ms. Duhlevska

    Mother of Year 2 student

    “We admire the high level of proficiency of the teachers, the excellent management and the culture of the college. We very much wish that my daughter could go there as a full time school.”

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